About Us

The Pie FolksThe owner of The Pie Folks is a native Mississippian who has had a love for baking sweets since around the age of 11. Being one of 12 siblings, the fifth eldest of the bunch, one may think that the owner would have plenty of culinary experience. This is not the case. In fact, the only culinary experience growing up in the household was baking cookies and candies. The ability to bake delicious pies resulted from tasting the excess batter from the bowls when Mom was baking a tasty pie, cake or teacakes.  The owner developed the God given ability to taste raw batter and pretty much be able to tell what ingredients were in the mixture, and what ingredients would make a good recipe.



Slap Yo Mama

The Pie Folks pride itself upon being “the place” where customers can get the best homemade pies ever to be baked. The slogan “Better Than Grandma’s” is not just a statement, but a fact. Remember the days when Grandmas used to bake with “love”. Those are bygone days. Today’s Grandmas are holding down a full time job just like mama – and there’s no time to bake. At The Pie Folks, you can still get that homemade freshness and delicious taste without going back into the past.

009At The Pie Folks, you will get genuine fresh-baked homemade pies. We use no commercial frozen eggs, but we crack fresh eggs lovingly just for you. In our Cooling Ya Heels Key Lime and Cool Breeze Lemon Icebox pies, we use no reconstituted juices, but freshly squeezed lemons and limes – just like you would do it. It is no wonder that we say…..”From Our Kitchen To Yours”, because that’s exactly the freshness you will get. One of our secrets of success is that we use only quality ingredients. After one bite, you can taste the quality, goodness and love we put into every pie that we bake.